CIR staff

Overview and Mission Statement

Created out of student activism in 2003, the center focuses on the co-curricular development of cultural strength, counter narratives, multicultural education and resources. The center serves as the intersectional space on campus for multiple marginalized identities to engage and develop through critical dialogue, radical self and community care. Our values are: identity development, cultural proficiency and humility, intersectionality, community wellness, advocacy, leadership, academic / professional empowerment.

The Center for Intercultural Relations researches, designs and implements unique programs that promote the appreciation of cultural diversity and fosters intercultural and cross-cultural understanding.

The Center provides programs and services that support the academic mission of the University by enhancing the educational, personal, cultural, and social development of students. The Center strives to build positive advocacy and collaborative relationships with the general student body with a special emphasis towards underrepresented student populations.

Many of the programs and services expand students’ cultural horizon while honoring their respective cultural experiences. Intercultural Relations works in conjunction with a number of university departments and colleges to conduct programs related to recruitment, orientation, retention and graduation in addition to academic, personal, professional and cultural development, which foster skills and strategies for being successful at State.