SDSU Connects

This initiative helps to support students with needs during the transition to a virtual/ HYflex learning environment. Our SDSU Connects leaders are here to answer your questions and connect you to resources on campus. We are happy to assist you with any lingering or new questions or concerns you may have. You can schedule an appointment to contact an SDSU Connects leader to talk about a specific issue or you can visit our virtual front desk to ask an immediate question.   

Click here to visit the Virtual Front Desk and speak with an SDSU Connects representative. The Virtual Front Desk is available Monday-Thursday from 11am-4pm PST.

Please note, you may have an individual question that requires a very specific answer from a particular department on campus. In this case, we will work to connect you with the appropriate office. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as this unprecedented situation continues to evolve. Please know that university faculty and staff members continue to be a resource to you.