Assist in Creating a Welcoming and Safe Climate for SDSU's African-American Community

On April 11, 2019, the SDSU Academic Senate unanimously passed a resolution on “Fostering a Welcoming and Safe Campus Climate for African-American Students” in response to an egregious act of anti-Black racism at SDSU. Over one hundred Black faculty, students, staff, and allies walked from the Black Resource Center to the Senate meeting to express support for the resolution and to call attention to the issues facing Black community members at SDSU. Just a few days later, sometime between the evening of Friday, April 12, and the morning of Sunday, April 14, vandals broke into the Black Resource Center and destroyed property. No one was reportedly injured, and no students or staff members were present at the time.

Although these incidents have targeted SDSU’s Black students, they reflect systems of thought and behavior that harm many communities--including those who perpetrate them. This is why responsibility for changing the campus climate must not fall on African-American students, faculty, and staff alone. Every member of our SDSU community can respond by pledging to make lasting change. As home to one of the first African-American / Africana Studies departments in the nation, we have a proud tradition to build upon. But we cannot fulfill our mission as a leading public research university if our campus is unsafe and unwelcoming to Black students, faculty, staff, and community, or if we fail to educate all SDSU students for success in a diverse twenty-first century world.

What can you do to contribute to lasting change? We invite you to join more than 800 SDSU faculty, staff, and administrators, including President Adela de la Torre, Provost Joseph Johnson, and Vice-Presidents Stephen Welter, Tom McCarron, Christy Samarkos, and Adrienne Vargas, in pledging to take action to make lasting change.

The campus will follow up by email with specific information and resources to support you.

Pledge here: 

Pledge of Support 

Adela de la Torre, President
Joseph Johnson, Interim Provost and Senior VP
Agnes Wong Nickerson, Interim VP
Adrienne Vargas, VP 
Stephen Welter, VP 
J. Luke Wood, AVP, Chief Diversity Officer
Christy Samarkos, Interim VP
Brittany Santos-Derieg, Chief of Staff
Gregorio A. Ponce, Dean
Sandra Cook, AVP
Rogelio Becerra Songolo, Administrator
Jeff Roberts, Dean
Tom McCarron, Senior VP
Erica A. Aros, Administrator
Rick Nornholm, Administrator
Michele G. Goetz, Research Foundation
Matias Farre, Administrator
Martin Doucett, Ph.D., Administrator
Eugene Olevsky, Dean
Y Barry Chung, Dean
Casey Rothenberger, Administrator
Radhika Seshan, Dean
Rosa Elena Moreno, Administrator
Madhavi McCall, Associate Dean
Radmila Prislin, AVP
Larry S. Verity, Associate Dean
Steven Hooker, Dean
Donna Conaty, Dean
Sabrina Cortell, Administrator
Gina Jacobs, Administrator
Dr. Lee Mintz, Administrator
Cathie Atkins, Associate Dean
Tom Abram, Administrator
Norah Shultz, AVP
Josh Mays, Campus Police Chief
Jessica Rentto, AVP
Gwen Hill, Administrator
Patrick McCarthy, Administrator
Jim Herrick, Asst. VP
La Monica Everett-Haynes, Interim AVP
Jeanne Stronach, Asst. VP
Henry Villegas, Administrator
Jen Rikard, Administrator
Michelle Guerra, Administrator
Randall Timm, Dean of Students
James Tarbox, Administrator
Anne Granciale, Administrator
Chris Turntine, Administrator
Rey Monzon, Administrator
Ray Savage, Administrator
Kevin Malara, Administrator
Anwar Cruter, Administrator
Giancarlo Taylor, Administrator
Darrell Hess, Administrator
Alane Lockwood, Administrator
Caryl Montero-Adams, Administrator
Sandra A. Wawrytko, Administrator, Faculty member
Heather Canary, Administrator, Faculty member
Mark B. Reed, Associate Dean
Michael Gates, Administrator, Faculty member
Ed Balsdon, Associate Dean
Randy Timm, Administrator, Faculty member
Sandra Alcosser, Administrator, Faculty member
Lynne Bercaw, Administrator, Faculty member
Wendy Bracken, Administrator, Faculty member
Estralita Martin, Administrator, Faculty member
Ben Ramaeker, Administrator, Faculty member
Emilio Ulloa, Administrator, Faculty member
Stacey Sinclair, Administrator, Faculty member
Patricia Lozada-Santone , Administrator, Faculty member
John, Alumni
Emily, Alumni
Daniel, Alumni
Lisa-Marie Adorno, Alumni
Phyllis Stitt, Community member
Adam McLane, Community member
Kisha , Community member
Atsushi Nara, Faculty member
Alyson Abel Mills, Faculty member
Elizabeth S. Rozich, Faculty member
Thomas Rockwell, Faculty member
Ricardo Vasconcelos, Faculty member
Melanie Barker, Faculty member
Maria Gonzalez, Faculty member
Leslie Seiters, Faculty member
Tracy Finlayson, Faculty member
Maureen Paolini, Faculty member
Erika Hess, Faculty member
Eve Kornfeld, Faculty member
Jessica Travis, Faculty member
Trent Biggs, Faculty member
Peter Torre III, Faculty member
Randolph Philipp, Faculty member
Lori Tuttle, Faculty member
Randy Reinholz, Faculty member
Daniel Ares-López, Faculty member
Pamela Luster, Faculty member
Mary Cale Wilson, Faculty member
Carol L Mackersie, Faculty member
Trudi andres, Faculty member
Donna Castaneda , Faculty member
Fernando Bosco, Faculty member
Rachel Haine-Schlagel, Faculty member
Sera Hernandez, Faculty member
Christal Sohl, Faculty member
D.J. Hopkins, Faculty member
David Whitman , Faculty member
Risa Levitt, Faculty member
Kangoh Lee, Faculty member
Chun-Ta Lai, Faculty member
Yumi Petrisko, Faculty member
Jennifer Sheppard, Faculty member
J. Carmelo Interlando, Faculty member
Catherine Guthrie, Faculty member
Angela Feres, Faculty member
William Welsh, Faculty member
Jose E. Castillo, Faculty member
Anthony Merritt, Faculty member
Janet Bowers, Faculty member
Matthew Lauer, Faculty member
William Zahner, Faculty member
Jeff Conte, Faculty member
Victoria Gonzalez-Rivera , Faculty member
Jong Won Min, Faculty member
Kevin Sheehan, Faculty member
Christie Ritter , Faculty member
Minjeong Kim, Faculty member
Katherine J. Midgley, Faculty member
Cassia De Abreu, Faculty member
Amy Heiss, Faculty member
Sean Bassett, Faculty member
Emily Jullié, Faculty member
Coral MacFarland Thuet, Faculty member
Hala Madanat, Faculty member
Dr. Ticey Hosley, Faculty member
Laurinda Nikkel, Faculty member
Lei Guang, Faculty member
Virginia Loh-Hagan, Faculty member
Gloria Davies, Faculty member
Jan Ewing , Faculty member
Larissa Barber, Faculty member
Natalie Mladenov, Faculty member
Marie Roch, Faculty member
Rachael Record, Faculty member
Trish Hatch , Faculty member
Christopher Harrison , Faculty member
Kaylene Elliott, Faculty member
JoAnn Silkes, Faculty member
JOSE L MENDOZA, Faculty member
Martin Sereno, Faculty member
Colby Nodurft, Faculty member
Amira Jarmakani, Faculty member
Bruce Urquhart, Faculty member
Alberto Esquinca, Faculty member
Linda Muroi, Faculty member
Juan Camarena, Faculty member
Shawn O'Connor, Faculty member
Colette Ingraham, Faculty member
Vanessa Malcarne, Faculty member
Taekjin Shin, Faculty member
Margaret Friend, Faculty member
Mike O'Sullivan, Faculty member
Hisham Foad, Faculty member
Hsing-chen Tung, Faculty member
Kathleen Czech, Faculty member
Dustin Thoman, Faculty member
Rebecca Koo, Faculty member
Kelly Johnson, Faculty member
Katherine Turner, Faculty member
Xiaofeng Liu, Faculty member
Nikhil Varaiya, Faculty member
Ignatius Nip, Faculty member
Margo Greicar, Faculty member
Veronica Casas, Faculty member
Edith Benkov, Faculty member
Genco Guralp, Faculty member
Donna Balsam, Faculty member
Regis Komperda, Faculty member
Luke Duesbery, Faculty member
Bonnie Kraemer, Faculty member
Matthew Weingarten, Faculty member
Theresa Carlson, Faculty member
Lisa Kath, Faculty member
Rebecca Nee, Faculty member
Robin Maves, Faculty member
Ksenija Marinkovic, Faculty member
Arturo Santos , Faculty member
Jerome A. Orosz, Faculty member
May Yeh, Faculty member
Angie Bencke, Faculty member
Scott Lipscomb, Faculty member
John Love, Faculty member
Mark kern, Faculty member
Lori Sipe, Faculty member
Kamal Haddad, Faculty member
Amy Harker, Faculty member
Aaron Iffland, Faculty member
Rebecca Frazee, Faculty member
Lluvia Flores-Renteria, Faculty member
Chamu Sundaramurthy, Faculty member
Frank Carson, Faculty member
Byron Purse, Faculty member
Julie Williams, Faculty member
Michael Howser, Faculty member
Tiffany A. Dykstra-DeVette, Faculty member
Stuart Voytilla, Faculty member
Jaemin Kim , Faculty member
Allyson Williams, Faculty member
Audrey Beck, Faculty member
Thereasa Cronan, Faculty member
David L Kimbrough, Faculty member
Stacy Ochoa, Faculty member
Joaquin Camacho, Faculty member
Kristen Emory, Faculty member
Sonja Pruitt-Lord, Faculty member
Ashkan Ashrafi, Faculty member
Tom Huxford, Faculty member
Paula DeVos, Faculty member
Daniel Davis, Faculty member
Jillian Maloney, Faculty member
Eric Post, Faculty member
William Tong, Faculty member
Bonnie Reddick, Faculty member
David Lipson, Faculty member
Timothy C. Brown, Faculty member
Uduak George, Faculty member
Hilary McMillan, Faculty member
S.I. Maldonado, Faculty member
Carrie Goodwiler, Faculty member
Joseph Andrew Smith, Faculty member
Brian Mark, Faculty member
Beth Chung, Faculty member
Lyuba Kuznetsova, Faculty member
Arzu Ozkal, Faculty member
Francis Nesbitt, Faculty member
Amy Schmitz Weiss, Faculty member
Margaret Slaska, Faculty member
Richard Cripps, Faculty member
Ryan Abman, Faculty member
Katherine Spilde, Faculty member
Saeed Manshadi, Faculty member
Kevin Corcoran, Faculty member
Guadalupe Ayala, Faculty member
Antoinette Domingo, Faculty member
John Tarpley, Faculty member
Melissa Moyer, Faculty member
Heather Lampron, Faculty member
Garrett Bose, Faculty member
Doug Thomson, Faculty member
Cynthia Darche Park, Faculty member
Navid Zamani, Faculty member
Zoe Jarocki, Faculty member
Amy Wong, Faculty member
Megan Prager, Faculty member
Abel Macias, Faculty member
Marissa Vasquez, Faculty member
Doug Stow, Faculty member
Nicholas Barber, Faculty member
Elizabeth Donahue Marucheau, Faculty member
Esther Castro , Faculty member
Donna L Ross, Faculty member
Nory Behana, Faculty member
Mona Klausing, Faculty member
Chuck Goehring, Faculty member
Susan Levy, Faculty member
Ixchel Samson , Faculty member
Mayumi Douglass, Faculty member
Rachel Schlesinger, Faculty member
Georgia Tate, Faculty member
Norma Ojeda, Faculty member
Bridget Herrin, Faculty member
Florence Miquel, Faculty member
Sara Gombatto, Faculty member
Suzanne Bordelon, Faculty member
Arthur Boothroyd, Faculty member
Eric Walsh-Buhi, Faculty member
Grace Cheng, Faculty member
Anna Brown Massey, Faculty member
Heather Corliss, Faculty member
Gerald Monk, Faculty member
Carole Kennedy, Faculty member
Feion Villodas , Faculty member
Kate Rubin, Faculty member
Sarah Mattson, Faculty member
Griselda Palma, Ph. D., Faculty member
Jesus Nieto, Faculty member
Kristin Gibson , Faculty member
John Abraham, Faculty member
Stacey Kasendorf, Faculty member
Vicki Park, Faculty member
Katheryne Leigh, Faculty member
Alberto M. Ochoa, Faculty member
Margaret Henderson, Faculty member
Juliana Liebke, Faculty member
Todd Carson, Faculty member
Valerie Pang, Faculty member
svenna pedersen, Faculty member
Laura Craig, Faculty member
Regina R. Brandon , Faculty member
Marcela Polanco, Faculty member
Dan Bacon, Faculty member
Michael McHan, Faculty member
Jennica Paz, Faculty member
Bruce Harley, Faculty member
Christopher Clague, Faculty member
Andrew Wiese, Faculty member
Keven Jeffery, Faculty member
Cristian Aquino-Sterling, Faculty member
Rafaela M. Santa Cruz, Faculty member
Joey Nuñez Estrada Jr., Faculty member
Laura J Hall, Faculty member
Mary Waldron, Faculty member
Katina M Lambros, Faculty member
Marilee Breciani Ludvik, Faculty member
Tamara Collins-Parks, Faculty member
Gregory Wilson, Faculty member
Estella Chizhik , Faculty member
Sarah Elkind, Faculty member
Pierre Asselin, Faculty member
Cheryl Hinton, Faculty member
Amanda Fuller, Faculty member
Alfredo Urzúa-Beltrán, Faculty member
Madeline Baer, Faculty member
Janet Tempelton, Faculty member
Jaime Lennox, Faculty member
Amber Anaya, Faculty member
Chris Werry, Faculty member
Elizabeth Pollard, Faculty member
Dr. Nancy Federman , Faculty member
Martina N. Savedra, Faculty member
Herminia V. Reyes, Faculty member
Mathew Kuefler, Faculty member
Koko Nishi, Faculty member
Michelle Feinberg, Faculty member
Manuel Rivera, Faculty member
Casey Roulette, Faculty member
Beth Sherman, Faculty member
Cali Linfor, Faculty member
Raechel Dumas, Faculty member
Tracy Cummings, Faculty member
James Gerber, Faculty member
Jason Parker, Faculty member
David Marx, Faculty member
Erin Flewelling, Faculty member
George Gastil, Faculty member
Glen McClish, Faculty member
Ron King, Faculty member
Annika Frieberg, Faculty member
Edward J. Blum, Faculty member
Alda Blanco, Faculty member
Jenny Minniti- Shippey, Faculty member
John Putman , Faculty member
Steve Barbone, Faculty member
Daniel Reinholz, Faculty member
Dr. Roy Whitaker, Faculty member
Drew Thomases, Faculty member
Wil Weston, Faculty member
Lisa Lamb, Faculty member
Michael Borgstrom, Faculty member
Kathryn Turner-Arsenault, Faculty member
Sascha Leigh Longstreth, Faculty member
Angel David Nieves, Faculty member
Tom Packard, Faculty member
Jean Mark Gawron, Faculty member
Thierry Devos, Faculty member
Jess Ponting, Faculty member
Meredith Vaughn, Faculty member
Rebecca Egipto, Faculty member
Jess Humphrey, Faculty member
Stephanie Frame, Faculty member
ATILIO ALICIO, Faculty member
Henrike Blumenfeld, Faculty member
Alyson Shapiro, Faculty member
Aaron J. Dinkin, Faculty member
Rosalia Arellano, Faculty member
Yetta Howard, Faculty member
Carolyn Kori Sanders, Faculty member
Mark Testa, Faculty member
Paul Gilbert, Faculty member
Shelley Orr, Faculty member
Professor J. Angelo Corlett, PhD, Faculty member
Anne Donadey, Faculty member
Stephen Brotebeck, Faculty member
Edward Beasley, Faculty member
Amy Randel, Faculty member
Charles Degeneffe, Faculty member
Andrew Cooksy, Faculty member
Kimberly King, Faculty member
Rebecca Nowicki, Faculty member
Eric Nielsen, Faculty member
Alana Dillette, Faculty member
Gene Lamke, Faculty member
Sandra Sun-Ah Ponting, Faculty member
Ronnee Schreiber , Faculty member
Cristina Alfaro, Faculty member
Marcie Bober-Michel, Faculty member
EJ Sobo, Faculty member
Jill Esbenshade , Faculty member
Jessica Barlow, Faculty member
Ian Ruston, Faculty member
Irene Lara, Faculty member
Jonathan Graubart, Faculty member
S.E. Cayleff, Faculty member
Meagan Marshall , Faculty member
Farid Abdel-Nour, Faculty member
Kimberley Fletcher, Faculty member
Ramona Perez, Faculty member
Charles Toombs, Faculty member
Danielle Bennett, Faculty member
Erika Larkins , Faculty member
Doreen Mattingly, Faculty member
William Nericcio, Faculty member
Angel Daniel Matos, Faculty member
Kathryn Edgerton-Tarpley , Faculty member
Benjamin Gonzalez O'Brien, Faculty member
Anna Culbertson, Faculty member
Sarah Garrity, Faculty member
Marie Draz, Faculty member
Amanda Lanthorne, Faculty member
Pam Lach, Faculty member
Rob Malouf, Faculty member
Georgina M. Bushnell, Faculty member
Marva Cappello, Faculty member
Esperanza Camargo , Faculty member
Cheryl O'Brien, Faculty member
Idara Essien, Faculty member
Allison Vaughn, Faculty member
Lisa Gates, Faculty member
Kari Sant, Faculty member
Larry Beck, Faculty member
Gloria Rhodes, Faculty member
Kate Swanson, Faculty member
Brian Hu, Faculty member
Luke Winslow, Faculty member
Gabriel Doyle, Faculty member
Kimala Price, Faculty member
James Turner, Faculty member
Erin Riley, Faculty member
Dr. Isaac Ullah, Faculty member
Peter Nelson, Faculty member
Cecilia Benaglia, Faculty member
Joseph A Stramondo, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Faculty member
Arion Mayes, Faculty member
Edith Frampton, PhD, Faculty member
Jacob Alvarado Waipuk, Faculty member
Kristin Rebien, Faculty member
Jocelyn Killmer, Faculty member
David Kamper, Faculty member
Esme Murdock , Faculty member
Mark Wheeler, Faculty member
Kristen Hill Maher, Faculty member
Shawn Flanigan, Faculty member
Emily Schuckman Matthews, Faculty member
Dr. Jillian Lee Wiggins, Faculty member
Dr. Melody K Schiaffino, Faculty member
Arlette Baljon , Faculty member
Linda Salem, Faculty member
Kate Holvoet, Faculty member
Juan DeMarco, Faculty member
Megan Welsh, Faculty member
Amanda McClain, Faculty member
Knut Tielking, Faculty member
Joshua Chanin, Faculty member
Tonika D Green, Faculty member
Anna Kim, Faculty member
Rod Colvin, Faculty member
Devon Berkheiser, Faculty member
Kathryn Valentine, Faculty member
Wil Weston, Faculty member
Maria Ibarra, Faculty member
Tamara Strohauer, Faculty member
MariaLuisa Zuniga, Faculty member
Paul Justice, Faculty member
Felicia Black, Faculty Member
Paul Minifee, Faculty Member
Amanda Simons, Faculty Member
Rebecca Bartel, Faculty Member
Michael Juan, Faculty Member
Michelle Lopez, Faculty Member
David Cline, Faculty Member
Emilio Ulloa, Faculty Member
Lisa Sparaco, Faculty Member
Susan Nickerson, Faculty Member
Kerianne Quick, Faculty Member
Nellie Tran, Faculty Member
Walter Penrose, Faculty Member
Karen May-Newman, Faculty Member
Chris Curtis, Faculty Member
Jochen Kessler, Faculty Member
Betty Samraj, Faculty Member
Thais Alves, Faculty Member
Esther Rothblum, Faculty Member
Yea-Wen Chen, Faculty Member
Joseph Alter, Faculty Member
Seth Mallios, Faculty Member
Clarissa Clo, Faculty Member
Brent Taylor, Faculty Member
Michael Roberts, Faculty Member
Rebecca Lewison, Faculty Member
Karey Sabol, Faculty Member
Kurt Lindemann, Faculty Member
Phillip Greiner, Faculty Member
Idara Essien, Faculty Member
Matthew Mahar, Faculty Member
Daniel Cannon, Faculty Member
Alan Mobley, Faculty Member
Ahkeel Whitehead, Faculty Member
David Engstrom, Faculty Member
Kathleen Phelps, Faculty Member
Paul Brazzel, Faculty Member
Amanda Lee , Faculty Member
Margaret Field, Faculty Member
Sesen Negash, Faculty Member
Sanford Bernstein, Faculty Member
Laurel Bliss, Faculty Member
Jennifer Imazeki, Faculty Member
Dahlia Fuentes, Faculty Member
Joanne Rivera, Faculty Member
Kyra Freeburg, Faculty Member
Chandler Riley, Faculty member, Alumni
Jeff Ernst, Staff member
Rachel Gregg, Staff member
Victoria Cafasso, Staff member
jane, Staff member
Alejandra Chaidez, Staff member
Adrian Montano, Staff member
Tamika Balderamos-Foster, Staff member
Courtney Ransom, Staff member
Chris Medellin, Staff member
Anthony, Staff member
Jessica Lopez, Staff member
Wendy Sandoval, Staff member
Jessica Ross, Staff member
Karin Whited, Staff member
Jose Preciado, Staff member
Teresa Ramirez-Velasquez, Staff member
Cory Marshall, Staff member
Kevin Melara, Staff member
Suzanne Goulet, Staff member
Christinejoy Sampankanpanich, Staff member
Zach McDaniel, Staff member
Valerie Morris, Staff member
Lisa Heizer, Staff member
Missy Stump, Staff member
Annie Foral, Staff member
Roland Lizarondo, Staff member
Deena Muno, Staff member
Shira Scott, Staff member
Allison Bailund, Staff member
Sonia Salcido, Staff member
Melani Soto , Staff member
Lori Padelford, Staff member
Anna Jost, Staff member
Marie Andreas, Staff member
Amy S Shimasaki, Staff member
Rachel Hart, Staff member
Kristine Dyetrich Hipolito, Staff member
Melissa Alcazar, Staff member
Maggie Willis, Staff member
Perla Montoya, Staff member
Amy Rascop, Staff member
John Borchert, Staff member
Kara M Skinner, Staff member
Jennie Amison, Staff member
Kathy Vaughn, Staff member
Michele, Staff member
Gina Spidel, Staff member
Denise "Dede" Taylor, Staff member
gina sullivan, Staff member
Griselda Salazar, Staff member
Michelle Lenoue, Staff member
dan mccready, Staff member
Mike Li, Staff member
Adrienne Hotaling, Staff member
Kim Elliott, Staff member
Tyler Rogers, Staff member
Devin Marine , Staff member
Teresa Loren, Staff member
Cassandra Castillo, Staff member
Deniece Hasson, Staff member
Dipthi Battapadi, Staff member
Yvonne Tempel, Staff member
Melissa Porter, Staff member
Julie White, Staff member
Cheryl Cyr, Staff member
Carolyn Veseling, Staff member
Alison Sternal, Staff member
Catrina Fuentes, Staff member
Lisa McCully, Staff member
Manny Uribe, Staff member
Sara McDaniel, Staff member
Kathleen King, Staff member
Michael Klitzing, Staff member
Maddie Borkenhagen, Staff member
Cathy R Cirina-Chiu, Staff member
Candra Young, Staff member
Susanna DiNorcia, Staff member
Patricia O'Leary, Staff member
Teddi Brock, Staff member
Roxanne Riedel, Staff member
Rachael Sparhawk, Staff member
Claudia Martinez, Staff member
Natasha Celise, Staff member
Becky Ryan, Staff member
Sara Vogel, Staff member
Desiree Warren, Staff member
Maureen Dotson, Staff member
Candy Flynn, Staff member
Lynn Hawkes, Staff member
Erik Good, Staff member
Aimee Davis, Staff member
Christina Jeffries, Staff member
Elizabeth Allison, Staff member
Amy Gonsalves, Staff member
Jordan Viernes, Staff member
Brit Cashatt (they, them, theirs), Staff member
Melissa Naranjo , Staff member
Precious Jordan-Talley, Staff member
Luis Murillo, Staff member
Sandra Nordahl, Staff member
Krista Nielsen, Staff member
Michelle Knowlton, Staff member
Jessica Chang, Staff member
Leslie LJ Reilly, Staff member
Carl Winston, Staff member
Renata Pawluk, Staff member
Martha Enciso, Staff member
Erin Scholes, Staff member
Coleen Geraghty, Staff member
Dan Montoya, Staff member
Venelda Todd, Staff member
kim mazyck, Staff member
Lainie, Staff member
Jocelyn Melendez, Staff member
Ginger Shoulders, Staff member
Thelma Chavez, Staff member
Jon Rizzo, Staff member
Arel Lucas, Staff member
Maribel Franco, Staff member
Lizzy Chavez, Staff member
Roxana Ashtari, Staff member
Liz Buffington, Staff member
Troy Compton, Staff member
Elia Jarman, Staff member
Lorraine Quintero, Staff member
Krista Thomas, Staff member
Elzbeth Islas, Staff member
Heidi Doyle, Staff member
Veronica Perondi, Staff member
Celena Martinez, Staff member
Julie O'Connor, Staff member
Kathee McBride, Staff member
Paige Hernandez, Staff member
Laura Ribitzky, Staff member
Kevin Rush, Staff member
Justin Deon, Staff member
Anne Dodge-Schwarz, Staff member
Rhonda Beard, Staff member
Rocio Zamora, Staff member
Esther Rodriguez, Staff member
Morgan Samaha, Staff member
Mallory Samaha, Staff member
Lisa Lyons, Staff member
Melanie Amacher, Staff member
Melisa Lopez, Staff member
Omar Baza, Staff member
Natalie Bagaporo, Staff member
Christa Casazza, Staff member
Jill Rounds, Staff member
Baillie Whittaker, Staff member
Kara Bauer, Staff member
Willaine Cabal Carr, Staff member
Christina Brown, Staff member
Jordan Munro-Rankin, Staff member
Isabel Martorell, Staff member
Yonatan Yogev, Staff member
Marilyn Bredvold, Staff member
Kashmone Hamilton, Staff member
Dania Brett, Staff member
Mercedes Albarran, Staff member
Matthew H. Garcia, Staff member
Severino Reyes, Staff member
Raquel Herriott, Staff member
David Ayers, Staff member
Jessi Moore, Staff member
Kevin Araujo-Lipine, Staff member
Tierney Harrison, Staff member
Aaron Brown, Staff member
Melissa Gonzalez, Staff member
Debbie Brighton, Staff member
Aaron Douglas, Staff member
Rondre Ashford, Staff member
Miriam Castanon, Staff member
Jennifer Esquivel-Parker, Staff member
Inesmit Williams, Staff member
Vivian Rodriguez, Staff member
Sylvia Telafaro, Staff member
Michelle Cadena, Staff member
Rogelio Becerra Songolo, Staff member
Janet Evans, Staff member
Mary Taylor, Staff member
Roberto Guzman, Staff member
Victoria W. Kern, Staff member, Administrator
Cassandra Neel, Staff member, Alumni
Cynthia A Torres, Staff member, Alumni
Hayley Foster, Staff member, Alumni
Jessica Nare, Staff member, Faculty member
Luis Zuniga, Student
Nadine Lising, Student
Tyrelle Adams, Student
David Snider, Student
Emily Barnes, Student
Elise Park, Student
Lauren, Student
Leslie Mendez, Student
Hannah Edwards , Student
Taylor Reed, Student
Ivette G Gimenez-Torres, Student
Mariah, Student
Karen Paz Morales, Student
Jonathan Verdugo, Student
Destiny, Student
Concepcion Paz Gonzalez, Student
Teresa Contreras Chavez, Student
Giselle Zendejas, Student
Marcella J Anderson, Student
Amanda Pretell, Student
Leah Majors, Student
Chrystian A Smith, Student
Marissa Proost, Student
Grace Myers, Student
Hannah Alicea, Student
Julia, Student
Noel Sundholm, Student
Adrienne Grayson, Student
Nicole Marchand, Student
Kassandra Elias, Student
Mariel McKinney, Student
Jocelyn Freitas, Student
Chloë Freeman, Student
Kirsten Manahan, Student
Jonathan Robinson Anthony, Student
Miya Miyeko Tamura, Student
Paulina Figueroa, Student
Tabatha Page, Student
Irina Potapova, Student
Jose Castrejon, Student
Ashley Golshan, Student
Rebecca Rodriguez , Student
Madelaine Morelli, Student
Larissa Snyder, Student

Carly DaCosta, Student
Yesenia Balcazar, Student
Charles Smokler, Student
Kate Coleman, Student
Monique Meza, Student
Cortiss Smith, Student
Sarah Karver, Student
Sandi Jordan, Student
Craig Bowden , Student
Roshan Andre Giua, Student
Nothizile Ncube , Student
Gabe, Student
Shira Shapiro, Student
Kayla Bradshaw, Student
Victoria Neumann, Student
Olivia Regalia, Student
Mariam Mohamed, Student
Mary Lynn Warren , Student
Ryn Corbeil, Student
Cain Piho, Student
Nicole Lam, Student
Marissa Rodriguez , Student
Tiffany Swart, Student
Jennifer Hernandez , Student
Ashley Yakushi, Student
Angelena Lufrano, Student
Lawrance Ayers, Student
Alison Rosenstock, Student
Lisette Munoz, Student
Michelle Scieszinski , Student
Aminata Ba, Student
Jahvon Pierre, Student
Danica Yatko, Student
Alicia A Cadena, Student
Garrett Barr, Student
Mikka Tupasi , Student
Cheyenne Rasmussen, Student
Shivani Kaneria, Student
Karla Baltazar , Student
Melissa Montoya, Student
Tanya Morales, Student
Mark-yves Gaunin, Student
Josh Brennan, Student
Natalia Ravelo, Student
Torin Phillips, Student
Ada Parnanen, Student
Melanie Ramirez, Student
Rafael Luna, Student
Claire P Duffy, Student
Patricia Ruiz, Student
Kelcey Davis, Student
Jenn Berg, Student
Jade, Student
Ashley, Student
Marshai' Clay , Student
Janet Sencion, Student
Elena Arnold , Student
Allison Eck , Student
Malachi Bielecki, Student
Nancy Bahena, Student
Nick DiGiulio, Student
Alan Patrus, Student
Thekima Mayasa, Student
Taylor C, Student
Diana Valle, Student
Camiel , Student
Arezo Nawaey , Student
Therese Bundalian, Student
Yasmine Shead, Student
Sarah Moradpour, Student
Lanise Powell, Student
Zhraa Almusawi , Student
Erica Marie Neagley, Student
Paige Doherty, Student
sabrina, Student
Lorelei Tempelton, Student
Lauren Gerken, Student
Jacqueline Lowe, Student
Ashlee Etherredge, Student
Brenden Tuccinardi , Student
Alex D Gutierrez, Student
Jaena-Mae Caguiat, Student
Kyle Vance, Student
Amanda Peterson, Student
Tanesha Moore, Student
Heather Doty, Student
Gene Norman, Student
Sylvia Sierra, Student
jessica hoffman, Student
Antoine Stevens-Phillips, Student
Erika Meza, Student
Paul Van Straatum , Student
Beverly Ann Warren, Student
Jill Ruiz, Student
Tanja Einem Sutton, Student
Kimberly Verdin, Student
Samantha Villedieu Daniel , Student
Jessica Ancar, Student
Cierra DeVries, Student
Chris Jenkins, Student
Doaa Dorgham, Student
Ruby Molesworth, Student
claire Dietrich , Student
Alice Domínguez, Student
Francisca Martinez Geminiano , Student
Stella Kailahi, Student
Emily Meadows, Student
Linsey Santos, Student
Brooke Holland, Student
Liz Gaidry, Student
Melissa Minahan, Student
Toya Smith-Baker, Student
Jolie McIntyre , Student
Samantha Brown, Student
Claire Vogel, Student
Juliana Huaroc, Student
Amber Ávila, Student
Chelsey Tubao, Student
Angelica Addison, Student
Alexandra Gomez, Student
Pierce Flynn , Student
Lexie Walker, Student
Bao Tan Lam , Student
LiLI-Ann Mooneyham, Student
Lorise Diamond, Student
Kathleen Krilanovich, Student
Amanda Lee , Student
Shanon Nguyen , Student
Jordyn Micke, Student
Tashina Rusko, Student
Shania Pence, Student
Emily Meints, Student
Stephanie, Student
Amaya Clay, Student
Alejandra Beltran, Student
Katrina Celine M. Hizon, Student
Dre Perez, Student
Jessie Gardner, Student
Gabby Dodgson , Student
Jordyn Freedman, Student
megan ryder, Student
Juan Carlos Vargas, Student
Allison Pham, Student
Mariah McDonald, Student
Melissa Abeyta, Student
Alexandre Rosenthal, Student
Samantha Ramirez , Student
Sandra Oliva, Student
Taylor Kallmann, Student
Megan Varra, Student
Angel Gonzalez, Student
Kylie, Student
Al R Schleicher, Student
Jasmine Lozon, Student
Estephanie R Flores , Student
Elaine Aguayo, Student
Matthew Arquero, Student
Bardia Moojedi, Student
Jennifer Clare Litherland, Student
Kristina Calonge, Student
Hope Flores, Student
Nika Mirnezam, Student
Moroan Laz , Student
Ciara, Student
Bryn Bohoskey, Student
Kelly Bramkamp, Student
Diane Gaskin, Student
Melanie Guevara, Student
Jared Levine, Student
Stephanie Hernandez , Student
Seidy Villalobos, Student
Claire Hartmann, Student
Kayla Cansicio, Student
Audrey , Student
Gretchen White, Student
Taylor Bartusiak, Student
Gabi Hernandez, Student
Christina Kilambj, Student
Alison, Student
Sarah Shamasha, Student
Gardenia Valenzuela , Student
Neha Nene, Student
Isabella Rubio , Student
saz benchekroun, Student
Tuulia Candido, Student
Adriana Rosa , Student
Julie Nguyen, Student
Liliana Jaime, Student
Sophie Dominguez, Student
Jayzle-May Pacleb, Student
Ashley Contreras, Student
Julia Goldberg, Student
Megan Carey, Student
Martin Ibarra, Student
Margaret Stack, Student
Hope Egu, Student
lindsay thompson , Student
Alyssa Daskas, Student
Allison Lawrence, Student
Bendt From, Student
Sophia Young, Student
stephanie, Student
Ally, Student
Wendy Humphries, Student
Tess, Student
Jessica Morris , Student
Andra , Student
Alexa Smith, Student
Hilary Llamas, Student
Carlin Macomber , Student
Aastha Parekh, Student
Hanna Olfoche , Student
Mariclare Newsom, Student
Michaela Wood, Student
Kayte Livran, Student
Nayeli Ruiz, Student
Alanah Kayla Castillo, Student
Chandler, Student
Cameron Mann, Student
April Smith, Student
Olivia Dawson, Student
Taylor Mall, Student
hannah gomez , Student
Aja Ganub, Student
Monique Lewis, Student
Bryson Gomez, Student
Nick Gardhouse, Student
Bryana Pérez , Student
Taylor Brown, Student
Shradha Shrestha, Student
Christa Cuison, Student
Abigail Sarda, Student
Jordan Turner, Student
Rachel Goza-Maxwell , Student
Mikayla , Student
Isabella Fyson, Student
Vishali Savalia, Student
Justyce Himebaugh, Student
Sierra Mahoney, Student
Elizabeth Barcena , Student
Tre Boyd, Student
Claire Galvez, Student
Kira Daniels, Student
Rachel Margolis, Student
Rebecca Langowski, Student
Willow Lark, Student
Alexandriea Kluesner, Student
Gabi Kaftan, Student
Adrienne Barrozo, Student
patricia cardozo, Student
Conner Frank, Student
Krista Wischmann, Student
Alison Aiken, Student
Bailey DeSchane, Student
Amanda E Farr, Student
Laura, Student
Kelly Finney, Student
Nnamdi K Nzeadibe, Student
Andrew Kelm, Student
Diana Joy Go, Student
Celine Minasian, Student
Teniola Adegbite, Student
Divya Sriharan, Student
Madison timmons , Student
Lauren Sykes, Student
Maher Alsakkaf, Student
Elan Nedd-Riley, Student
Ryhan, Student
Finley Rafael Cazzorla, Student
Emma Marchant, Student
Mariela Ayala, Student
Carlos Cabrera, Student
Ana Rios, Student
Celeste Rossbach, Student
Kiana Wiley, Student
Jerry Chaney, Student
Isabella Palermo, Student
Erica Ashkenasi, Student
Giselle, Student
Andrew Macias, Student
Woody Kueber, Student
Leila Yasha , Student
Jade Connolly-Cepurac, Student
Omar Quintana, Student
Nicholas Lucido, Student
Michelle Campos, Student
ava vuillaume, Student
Jordan Koch , Student
Jacquelin Loje, Student
Geneva Welch, Student
Nasreen Nabizadeh, Student
Jenna Marie Bautista, Student
Hannah Peeler, Student
Delanie Mc Ginn, Student
Yuwei Liu, Student
Lauryn Mellberg, Student
Bradley Fisher, Student
Taylor Clark, Student
Marina Taitano, Student
Talia Kieu, Student
Hannah Marquez, Student
Adam Clay Williams, Student
Haley Goodwin, Student
Rodger , Student
Mathew Cruz, Student
Laura Caracciolo, Student
Sohun Panchal, Student
Kyle Leibel, Student
Claire Snyder, Student
Osman Sharif, Student
Erika, Student
Corina Lard, Student
Samantha Ferreira, Student
Nona Saber, Student
Sofia Ortiz, Student
Megan Doyel, Student
Britney Budiman, Student
Taylor Sallis, Student
Brandon, Student
Andres Elvira, Student
Briana Blake , Student
Kemi Giwa, Student
Max Beltrez, Student
August Bryant, Student
Christion Covington, Student
Paris Offor, Student
Kiara Blanchard, Student
Karina Esteban, Student
Zaria Ealy, Student
Courtney M Ransom, Student
Christina Jackson , Student
Daniel Kenney, Student
Taia Reed, Student
Dorrell Dottin, Student
Michelle DeJohnette, Student
Jacob Gomez, Student, Community member
Danielle Biss, Student, Faculty member
Dr. Cassandra Drake, Student, Faculty member
Cass Lynch, Student, Faculty member
Armando Nevarez, Student, Staff member
Yareli Rivera, Student, Staff member
Stephanie Kearney, Student, Staff member
Brij Soni, Student, Staff member
Lisa Carney Farwell, Student, Staff member
Omar Baza, Student, Staff member
Jennifer Kerwin, Student, Staff member
Pearl Burgin, Student, Staff member
Ana-Victoria Sanchez-Diez, Student, Staff member
Sandra Kahn, Student, Staff member
Reyna Navarrete, Student, Staff member
Nora Leyva, Student, Staff member
Wesley Palau, Student, Staff member
Erika Espinosa Araiza, Student, Staff member
Jonatan A Galdamez, Student, Staff member
Keely Kerr, Student, Staff member
Izzy Narvaez, Student, Staff member
Elia Eisner, Student, Staff member
Vanessa Jara, Student, Staff member
Diana Hernandez, Student, Staff member
Maya Weissman, Student, Staff member
Lori Loftin, Student, Staff member
Elizabeth Davis, Student, Staff member
Courtney Harmon, Staff member
Eric Ackerman, Staff member
Larry Burns
Michelle Valles
Tanis King Starck, PhD
Krista Comer
Melissa James
Timothy J Tully