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Welcome to the Division of Diversity and Innovation's resource page for Diversity and Inclusion Planning. Here, you will be provided with an overview of the planning process and associated resources that can aid your department, college, division, or auxiliary in developing unit-based plans for equity, diversity, and inclusion. Please note that this website provides information on unit-level diversity plans; for information on the university-level strategic planning process, see Reimagining the Future: A Strategic Plan for SDSU. Also, the timelines and details on this page are largely for the college and divisional plans; for AY2021 timelines and details for departments and schools, please see the page on Diversity and Inclusion Planning for Schools / Departments

A University Senate resolution approved on Feb. 6, 2018, requires all units to engage in diversity planning. It stated:

“LET IT BE RESOLVED, that San Diego State University creates a campus-wide diversity plan and that all academic and administrative units/divisions also create individual diversity plans that are congruent with the University plan. The University shall provide training and support for developing these plans. This requirement shall be in place by the year 2020.”

After receiving the resolution, President Roush supported the implementation of the resolution and further provided that all units have diversity plans by fall 2020. Any units without an approved plan will not be able to hire beginning Jan. 1, 2021, until the criteria are satisfied. The Diversity and Inclusion Plans are meant to be expansive in nature; according to the resolution language, “all academic and administrative units/divisions” are required to have a plan on file. Beyond the wider university plan for equity, diversity, and inclusion, this includes all 54 academic departments and schools, eight colleges, Library, Imperial Valley Campus, Mission Valley Campus, all divisions (Academic Affairs, Business and Financial Affairs, Graduate and Research Affairs, Information Technology, Student Affairs, University Relations and Development), and campus auxiliaries. However, to ensure vertical alignment between the College Diversity Plans and the Department/School Diversity Plans, in September 2019, DDI recommended to the University Senate that the deadline for the Department/School Plans be moved to March of 2021; that recommendation was approved at the October 1 Senate meeting.

It should also be noted that in Fall 2019, all colleges were asked to create plans detailing how they intend to close equity gaps in student success outcomes. These separate student success plans are expected to be completed in October 2019; therefore, the Diversity and Inclusion Plans discussed on this website focus primarily on faculty and staff. For more information about student success analysis and strategies, please see the page on Closing Equity Gaps in Student Success.  

Diversity and Inclusion Plans are an opportunity for units to articulate their goals with respect to equity, diversity and inclusion for all faculty, staff and students as part of their mission of excellence in education and scholarship. A good plan requires understanding how well the unit is (or isn’t) currently supporting students, staff and faculty from diverse backgrounds; developing a shared vision of the environment that the unit wishes to create; and considering metrics for evaluating progress toward shared goals. The process of creating these plans is therefore an opportunity for units to engage in important conversations about values and priorities, and to think strategically about what changes are needed to reach stated goals. At the end of the development progress, these plans will help guide the unit as changes are implemented and progress is evaluated; at the same time, plans themselves will continue to evolve as departments and units continue to grow and develop.

To support the development of these plans, DDI has formed two councils (the Equity and Inclusion Councils) with representatives who are prepared to assist auxiliaries, colleges, and units/departments; in addition, the Professors of Equity are available to provide professional learning opportunities so all faculty and staff have the foundational knowledge necessary to successfully engage in this work. Through the Councils and the Professors of Equity, DDI will provide continued support to all units as they develop their Diversity and Inclusion Plans.

NOTE: Many units already have broader strategic plans, often developed as part of Academic Program Review or accreditation reviews. Those existing plans may already include many of the components expected in the Diversity and Inclusion Plans, and units are encouraged to think about all strategic planning in an integrated way. The Diversity and Inclusion Plans simply provide an opportunity for units to ensure they have thoughtfully and explicitly considered the needs of different populations.

Throughout the academic year, we will convene a series of Diversity and Inclusion Plan Development Institutes. Each Institute will be offered multiple times in each month listed below. Here is the draft timeline and content for the Institutes.
  Divisions / Colleges / Auxiliaries
August 2019 Release of readings, materials, and template
October 2019 Institute #1 - Pre-Planning and Equity Gaps
January 2020 Institute #2 - Goals and Interventions
March 2020 Plan Submission opens. Plans will be reviewed and revised with support of Councils.

November 2020

Deadline for Submission of Completed, Final Plan

* In correspondence sent in April 2020, the deadline for approval was extended to November 13, 2020

Once submitted, plans will follow a multi-step process, including:
  • Informal feedback and review from the College/Unit-level Diversity and Inclusion councils
  • Informal feedback and review from the University Inclusion and Equity Council representatives
  • Review and recommendation for approval from the Senate DEI committee
  • Review and approval from the Chief Diversity Officer
Roster and Commitment Forms Plan Templates
Colleges Colleges
Divisions and Auxiliaries Divisions and Auxiliaries

Although the focus in AY1920 will be on College and Division plans, many schools and departments may want to get a head start on their plans as well. For more information on that process, please see the page on Diversity and Inclusion Planning for Schools / Departments.  


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