Professors of Equity


Professors of Equity in Education

The Professors of Equity in Education provide intensive, ongoing professional learning opportunities for SDSU faculty on diversity-related topics. Professional learning opportunities addresses unconscious and implicit bias, racial/gender microaggressions, teaching practices for underserved students, socio-cultural competency and what it means to be a Hispanic Serving Institution. See our Spring 2020 Programming here.

 Equity Professors

 Dr. Felicia Black, Department of Child and Family Development: Black’s research interests include teacher professionalism and professional development, practitioner inquiry methodologies, and applications of critical perspectives in early care and education research. Her current work focuses on mentorship, and the lived experiences of domestic care workers from diverse populations. She currently teaches seminars in child development and professional development in the child and family development field.

Dr. Yea-Wen Chen, School of Communication: Chen’s research has led her to seek out critical approaches to better understand uneven, if not unequal, communication patterns between, across, or in-between cultural groups. Since then, she has continued to lead and develop research projects and teaching practices that honor voices and experiences on cultural margins inside and outside of U.S. academia. Chen will also serve as a multicultural educator for the campus.

Dr. Thierry Devos, Department of Psychology: Devos' research interests are primarily in the area of intergroup relations. The goal of his current work is to understand how implicit intergroup biases are embedded in social and cultural contexts. He currently teaches courses on cultural psychology, prejudice and stereotyping, and the psychology of diversity and multiculturalism.

Dr. Roberto Hernandez, Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies: Hernández is a community-based scholar and writer whose research, publications and teaching focus on the intersections of colonial and border violence, the geopolitics of knowledge and cultural production, decolonial political theory, social movements, and comparative ethnic studies. He teaches courses on the U-S///Mexico border history, border theory, Chicana/o and border folklore, community/urban studies, and contemporary racial/gender migration and incarceration regimes. He is affiliated faculty with the Center for Latin American Studies, Center for Islamic and Arabic Studies and MALAS.

Dr. Sureshi Jayawardene, Department of Africana Studies: Jayawardene's research raises questions about Black geographies, race, coloniality, Africanity, and self-definition in the lives of Afrodiasporic communities in South Asia whose ancestors were brought to the region through the Indian Ocean slave trade. Jayawardene serves as an affiliate faculty with the Digital Humanities Center and the Department of Women’s Studies at SDSU. She also co-directs the Afrometrics research institute. 

Dr. Daniel L. Reinholz, Department of Mathematics and Statistics:Reinholz's research focuses on creating tools for educational transformation, to improve equity and mitigate systemic oppression. He is a co-founder of the Access Network, a national network of programs in the United States that aim to increase equity in the physical sciences. His research is situated primarily within three interrelated areas: reflection and disciplinary learning; reducing implicit bias; and systemic transformation.

Dr. Feion Villodas, Department of Psychology: Villodas’ research focuses on adapting evidence-based intervention strategies for diverse populations to promote the physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of ethnic/racial minority populations. She has used her exceptional training to address educational disparities for underserved students at all levels, from primary to postsecondary education.