BIE Criteria

SDSU Building on Inclusive Excellence (BIE) Criteria

SDSU positions may also be eligible for the SDSU Building on Inclusive Excellence (BIE) hiring program that creates additional faculty lines for candidates who meet two or more of the following criteria:

  1. Is engaged in service with underrepresented populations in higher education
  2. Demonstrates knowledge of barriers for underrepresented students and faculty in higher education
  3. Has experience or demonstrated commitment to teaching and mentoring underrepresented students
  4. Integrates understanding of underrepresented populations and communities into research
  5. Extends knowledge of opportunities and challenges in achieving artistic / scholarly success to members of an underrepresented group
  6. Is committed to research that engages underrepresented communities
  7. Shows expertise in cross-cultural communication and collaboration
  8. Has research interests that contribute to diversity and equal opportunity in higher education

To be considered for one of these additional BIE hires, candidates should identify in their letter of application how they meet two or more of the criteria.