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About Us

Our values: 

Identity development: We prioritize the ongoing exploration, education, and research of marginalized social identities and the intersections of various identities.

Cultural proficiency and humility: In continual advocacy for cultures, we acknowledge this is a lifelong process with continuous opportunities to seek self-reflection, self-education, and unlearning of dominant systems. We strive to embody open-mindedness, compassion, grace, and humility as we journey together in ongoing cultural learning. 

Intersectionality: As a multicultural center, we intentionally want to bring various intersections of identity together in order to critically examine, dialogue, and heal multiply marginalized identities through programming and support.

Advocacy: The center strives to provide counter, creative solutions to support the development and visibility of inclusive practices. We hold space for cultivation, empowerment, and celebration of social justice and equity of minoritized identities to be represented.

Community wellness: We recognize that being a student, critically learning about systems of oppression and power, and conducting various methods of activism can be emotionally taxing. We want to provide a space of mental wellbeing and health for our community as we do this work.

Our team:

  • CIR Volunteers
  • Diversity Peer Educators
  • Graduate Assistants
  • Assistant Director

Meet Our Staff


Jessica Chang, M.Ed

Meet the Assistant Director of the Center for Intercultural Relations, Jessica Chang. Originally from San Diego, Jessica decided to come back after earning her Master’s degree in Education, Student Affairs from the University of California, Los Angeles. Her involvements outside the CIR include being the advisor for the multicultural sorority Sigma Theta Psi, the Muslim Student Association, Tijuana Home Build, and Central Americans for Empowerment. Jessica is honored to serve the CIR community and is always open for suggestions for the space! 


Graduate Assistants

samSamantha Champi
Programming and Outreach

rickRick Piñon Delgado
High School Conferences

yoloYolotzin Morales
Operations and DAC


Diversity Peer Educators

Chloe Sabio

Natalie Martinez

Jasmine Miles

Joyce Rocacorba

Jada Johnson

Alyssa Alegre

Ayan Haque
High School Conferences

Kapri Walker
Employee Resource Group Assistant