Senate Diversity Statement

University Senate Diversity Policy

Diversity: Diversity shall be an essential consideration in all university policies and decisions, and shall be guided by the following statements that shall be published in staff and faculty handbooks, in the University Policy File, in the University General Catalog, the Bulletin of Graduate Affairs, the IVC Bulletin, and linked from the Mission and Goals section on the main University web homepage.

San Diego State University is a community diverse in race, ethnicity, language, culture, social class, national origin, religious and political belief, age, ability, gender, gender identity, and expression, and sexual orientation. As a university committed to learning in all its forms, San Diego State University recognizes the need to attract and retain a critical mass of diverse persons who will advance its goals and ideals. This fundamental commitment to diversity 1) enriches the institution and provides an atmosphere in which all human potential is valued, 2) promotes learning through interactions among people of different backgrounds and many perspectives, and 3) better enables the university to prepare all members of its community to promote social responsibility, equity, freedom, and productive citizenship in a global society.

Diversity means not only the opportunity for all groups to be represented among faculty, student, staff, and administration but also the support for these persons as they seek the highest achievements. Attitudes, actions, programs, and policies that foster diversity engender the vigorous exchange of ideas, enhance respect and consideration for individuals and groups, strengthen the understanding of our mutual dependence, and form the core of the university. Diversity promotes enriched learning and produces positive educational outcomes for all.

Vigorous efforts to increase the diversity of the faculty, staff, administration, and students shall continue as a high priority, and as access increases, the university will create changes in its environment that enhance the opportunities for the success of all members of the campus community.

The university shall cultivate a campus climate that promotes human dignity, civility, and mutual appreciation for the uniqueness of each member of our community. Because the university’s educational goals are founded on the values of intellectual honesty, appreciation for diversity, and mutual respect, it is critical that our academic and co-curricular programs, scholarships, courses, workshops, lectures, and other aspects of campus life reflect diverse perspectives. Freedom from discrimination, harassment, and violence against persons or property is a basic right and is requisite for learning. Freedom of speech shall be protected. By the same token, the campus community shall denounce and confront acts of intolerance, abusive behaviors, and the beliefs and past events that have separated us as a people.