Supporting the recruitment and retention of  diverse faculty and staff continues to be an important part of our campus wide strategic efforts. Search committees needing assistance in recruiting diverse pools of qualified candidates may contact Aaron Bruce, Chief Diversity Officer and/or the Bill Eadie, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Office of Faculty Advancement

Working group: Recruitment and Retention of Underrepresented Faculty*

Goal: Invest in the recruitment and retention of under-represented faculty and staff through targeted activities

Committee Members

  • Aaron Bruce, President’s Office
  • Thom Harpole, Human Resources (Business and Financial Affairs)
  • Emilio Ulloa, College of Sciences (Academic Affairs)
  • Cathie Atkins, College of Sciences (Academic Affairs)
  • Thais Alves, College of Engineering (Academic Affairs)
  • Charles Toombs, College of Arts and Letters (Academic Affairs)
  • Marya Edgar, Associated Students Representative
  • Raquel Martin, Associated Students Representative
  • Anne Donadey, University Senate Representative
  • John Baxter, University Senate Representative

*An additional working group for staff will be convened in the near future

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For Additional Resources and support in Recruiting Historically Underrepresented Faculty


Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Aaron I. Bruce, Chief Diversity Officer
Email: [email protected]


Office of Faculty Advancement

William Eadie, Associate Vice President for Faculty Advancment
Emai: [email protected]

Office of Employee Relations & Compliance

Heather Bendineli, Employee Relations Director
Email: [email protected]